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Meteorology[ edit ] The National Weather Service defines Santa Ana winds as “Strong down slope winds that blow through the mountain passes in southern California. The Santa Anas are katabatic winds —Greek for “flowing downhill”, arising in higher altitudes and blowing down towards sea level. Any low-pressure area over the Pacific Ocean, off the coast of California, can change the stability of the Great Basin High, causing a pressure gradient that turns the synoptic scale winds southward down the eastern side of the Sierra Nevada and into the Southern California region. This cool, dry airmass sweeps across the deserts of eastern California toward the coast, and encounters the towering Transverse Ranges , which separate coastal Southern California from the deserts. The airmass, flowing from high pressure in the Great Basin to a low pressure center off the coast, takes the path of least resistance by channeling through the mountain passes to the lower coastal elevations, as the low pressure area off the coast pulls the airmass offshore. The air has already been dried by orographic lift before reaching the Great Basin, as well as by subsidence from the upper atmosphere, so this additional warming often causes relative humidity to fall below 10 percent. During Santa Ana conditions it is typically hotter along the coast than in the deserts, [8] with the Southern California coastal region reaching some of its highest annual temperatures in autumn rather than summer. These result from precipitation on the windward side of a mountain range which releases latent heat into the atmosphere which is then warmer on the leeward side e. If the Santa Anas are strong, the usual day-time sea breeze may not arise, or develop weak later in the day because the strong offshore desert winds oppose the on-shore sea breeze. At night, the Santa Ana Winds merge with the land breeze blowing from land to sea and strengthen because the inland desert cools more than the ocean due to differences in the heat capacity and because there is no competing sea breeze.

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Microclimate, noise and PM were monitored during field surveys with questionnaire-guided interviews at a road construction site and a traffic site on the UC San Diego campus. The overall comfort was determined primarily by the thermal environment. Overall, higher PM concentrations were correlated with perception of poor air quality.

Similarity between the overall air quality and how dusty it feels suggests that visual clues of PM, such as dust, affect the perception of air quality and pollution. The effect of medical or smoking history on the perceived air quality was also examined.

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SURF is a ten-week summer research experience for undergraduates REU that engages students in cutting-edge scientific research alongside a scientist mentor, helping them prepare for graduate school and careers in science. Learn about the exciting research conducted by the SURF program participants in Jarvon Stout, a student studying marine biology at the University of the Virgin Islands, notes that the ocean was his first real passion.

His scientific ambition led him to apply for a summer research opportunity through the SURF program, and he was placed in the lab of Scripps Assistant Professor Brice Semmens, where he captured stills of videos in order to develop photographic marks of critically endangered groupers. He was using software in order to distinguish marks that make individual fish uniquely identifiable. The hope is that this tool will allow researchers to use “natural marks” to track the fate of individuals through time.

Karissa Vincent has been fascinated by rocks and playing music since a young age. Her dual interests led her to double major in geochemistry and music at Wheaton College. Her job was to develop a new proxy for the past productivity of the ocean based upon the abundance of barite—a mineral that forms in sinking organic debris. Vincent worked with Holocene sediments, dating back to the last 11, years, from the Scripps Geological Collections to develop a relatively simple method of extracting barite from deep-sea mud.

She compared her estimates of Holocene ocean productivity to satellite-derived productivity estimates for the modern ocean. The highlight of Vincent’s experience was working under the mentorship of Norris, who was both an inspiration and supporter at the time when she was applying for graduate school. Vincent said that the community of people in the lab and in the SURF program, who were focused on science and oceanography, helped push her to a higher level and made her want to contribute to the scientific community even more.

In the future, she plans to enter a PhD program, and Scripps is her number one choice.

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And science backs that reputation up: According to one study , Match. It does a decent job, but not an outstanding one.

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Gain amplification of analog signaling systems always varies somewhat with time; g t contains a variety of “noise” terms of zero mean and various secular terms; the latter dominate unless proper precautions are in force. Depending on their form, galaxies may be called spirals, barred spirals, ellipticals, or irregulars.

Spelled with a capital G, Galaxy refers to that particular stellar system which includes our Sun and all the stars visible to the naked eye. The Milky Way is our view of the Galaxy. Galilean satellites The four brightest satellites of Jupiter, discovered by Galileo. Radiation whose wavelength is less than one Angstrom is usually considered to be gamma-ray radiation.

The diffuse glowing spot, seen on the ecliptic opposite the sun’s direction, created by sunlight reflected off of interplanetary dust. A large, spherical cluster of stars located in the halo of the galaxy. These clusters, containing up to several hundred thousand members, are thought to be among the oldest objects in the galaxy. A unit of mass equal to the quantity’ of mass contained in one cubic centimeter of water.

Nederlandse Bond van Vogelliefhebbers

In the Atlantic, H. Colonies have been found in European waters such as the Thames Estuary. Description Spiny seahorse H. Although they are bony fish , they do not have scales, but rather thin skin stretched over a series of bony plates, which are arranged in rings throughout their bodies. Each species has a distinct number of rings.

A new study by a researcher at the San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC) at the University of California, San Diego, says that by , the sum of media asked for and delivered to consumers on mobile devices and to their homes would take more than 15 hours a day to see or hear.

Detecting Arctic oil spills with NMR: Abstract Website To meet the world’s growing energy needs, the oil industry is pursuing oil resources in ice-prone regions. These activities will require robust oil spill contingency plans. One area of need is a method to remotely detect oil that is trapped beneath or within ice. The current operational method for oil detection within or under ice requires placing personnel on the ice to take measurements.

A primary challenge with these measurements is the speed at which they can be collected. Presented here is a scaled-down prototype of an Earth’s field nuclear magnetic resonance device that can be moved from one spot to another on the ice by a helicopter to quickly survey large areas. This small-scale version has been built and tested. It successfully differentiates an oil surrogate from the bulk water signal by using an adiabatic inversion, followed by a delay to suppress the otherwise overwhelming water signal before acquiring the signal after an adiabatic half passage.

The device will be scaled up, and further testing will be conducted. Initial proof-of-principle results show great promise for the development of a remote oil detector. Constable, S, Srnka LJ. An introduction to marine controlled-source electromagnetic methods for hydrocarbon exploration. Deepwater, frequency-domain, electric dipole-dipole, controlled-source electromagnetic CSEM methods arose from academic studies of the oceanic lithosphere in the s, and although the hydrocarbon exploration industry was aware of this work, the shallow-water environments being explored at that time were not ideally suited for its use.

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Ariana, advised by Professors Geoff Voelker and Stefan Savage, discusses her work and interest in improving internet security and her focus on the intersection of usable security and empirical analysis. In this class, students are introduced to concepts, principles, and practice of computer communication networks with examples from existing architectures, protocols, and standards.

Students are expected to complete a final project showing how they use the concepts they have learned to resolve a problem posed by the instructor. George Varghese, a former CSE professor, taught CSE for almost a decade and always enjoyed seeing the many ways that students implemented their final projects.

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Turn right at the small driveway before the building to pull into the FREE parking garage. Venue Map Printed maps are available on-site to help you find your way around. Lunch is on own with local food trucks available in front of the building — Quick Stop Grill offering healthy Mediterranean fare and Dos Bandidos fulfilling a craving for Mexican-American staples. An afternoon pick-me-up of cold brew coffee, sparkling fruit beverages, and snack bars will be available during networking sessions.

You are also welcome to use the breakrooms with a small kitchenette. Ice water will be available throughout the conference. Bring your refillable coffee mug and water bottle to reuse throughout the day.

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Order of his Group of prescription of the Health you recharge in line or by phone or fax and that send them to us of free form in any part of the United States. Hope you can visit and find anything here http: Poor guys Anonymous I find it astounding that there is no mention, interest , or credit given to the builder of this house. There is a conspicuous omission and disregard for the labor involved in the creation of this home.

The purpose of this program is to support students who are interested in design, and are seeking guidance or mentorship whether it be in the form of career .

Penniman, Deputy Commander, U. The forum, held on May 28, , attracted students and engineering leaders who talked about how programs like the Gordon Center can effectively train future leaders in this field. The new Gordon Center, which is part of the UCSD Jacobs School of Engineering, was established this year to educate and train effective engineering leaders who create new products and jobs that benefit society.

The Center plans to offer leadership courses, as well as forums by engineering leaders in industry, government, military and academia. The program will focus on ethics, end-to-end project planning and execution to meet societal needs, team development and leadership, and assessing the potential impact of new technologies. Each forum consists of a keynote presentation followed by an interactive panel discussion on contemporary leadership topics relevant to engineering careers in industry and academia.

Meanwhile, the competition is turning out good engineers in record numbers. Your best people come to work because they like to work with others like them in a very creative environment. During the panel discussion, Vecchio said the ability to articulate enthusiasm for what you do is an important early trait of an engineering leader. You have to understand the central role of design and engage with a much broader group of people in order to know what consumers want. Not all institutions can provide students with that kind of background.

We found that really good students can come up to speed quickly and become extremely valuable to the company. Our super stars today are mostly new graduates.

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Penniman, Deputy Commander, U. Effective leaders will help American tech companies remain competitive, however industry and academia must work together to ensure these top decision-makers are cultivated. The forum, held on May 28, , attracted students and engineering leaders who talked about how programs like the Gordon Center can effectively train future leaders in this field.

1 PM: Breakout session #2 and recruiting speed-dating; 2 PM: Networking break; (UCSD) Extension University City Center is FREE. The address is Greenwich Dr, San Diego, CA Turn right at the small driveway before the building to pull into the FREE parking garage.

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Duglan Oct Ubiquitously, circadian biology literature defines the eukaryotic circadian clock as the mechanism that generates self-sustained transcription-translation feedback loops and thus drives rhythmic expression of genes with hour periodicity. Now, the scientists whose work throughout the s and s laid the foundation for our understanding of the biological clockwork, Jeffrey Hall, Michael Rosbash and Michael Young, have been awarded the Nobel prize for Physiology or Medicine.

Using the model organism Drosophila melanogaster, the scientists studied the period gene, which had been shown to be required for normal fly biological rhythms, including circadian patterns of eclosion and locomotor activity, as well as short-term male courtship song oscillations. In Jeffrey Hall and Michael Rosbash, collaborators at Brandeis University, as well as Michael Young at Rockefeller University, independently succeeded in isolating the period gene.

Scattering of acoustic waves by a superfluid vortex Stefan G. Llewellyn Smith Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, UCSD, Gilman Drive, dating back to Obukhov () and Pitaevskii () respectively. The original the characteristic velocity of the vortex to the sound speed. The superfluid vortex has.

Our email addresses are: Other information about our services and programs is available on our Web site: No student should leave the university for financial reasons before exploring all possible avenues of assistance with a Financial Aid Office counselor. All information contained herein is intended to serve as a general guide and is subject to change due to new and revised federal, state, and University of California regulations and procedures.

Applying for Financial Aid A student is eligible for financial aid if she nor he: Is a United States citizen or eligible noncitizen.

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Levy, is studying the strength of the ancient magnetic field and the speed at which it may have changed in antiquity. She led an August expedition to Cyprus to measure the ancient slag heaps at Skouriotissa, northwest of Nicosia, Mitsero, and smaller sites in the northern foothills of the Troodos mountains. This, combined with an unprecedented ability to date the material, means that high-resolution records of changes in field strength are now available.

The information about paleointensity is also essential for understanding variations in the production of radiocarbon and the calibration of the radiocarbon time scale that is the most precise way to measure the age of ancient artifacts. The study was also important because the slag heaps at Skouriotissa, at a height of approximately 25 meters dating primarily to the Late Roman period, are the largest in the Eastern Mediterranean region, indicating that Cyprus was likely a major copper source for the entire region in antiquity.

CAMP explored the ancient metal slag heaps to clarify the stratigraphy and chronology, while undertaking an archaeomagnetic analysis to provide clues to the history of metallurgy on the island — and comparing the metal to remnants found elsewhere in the Eastern Mediterranean region.

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