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Following is a closer look at the main types of pipes. Rigid Copper Pipe Rigid copper pipe is widely preferred for water supply piping. Hard supply pipe is sold in three thicknesses: M thin wall , L medium wall , and K thick wall. Most above-ground plumbing is Type M. Soft Copper Pipe Soft copper pipe is more expensive than hard copper pipe, but it is flexible enough that it can be routed without the need for as many fittings as rigid copper.

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New Hampshire Things to Do The first thing you want to do is take a very legible picture of that tag on the pipe and print it out so you will have the information when you need it. You WILL need it. It is probably the data on the pump in the well. Here is one of what are probably hundreds of links showing how submersible pumps are installed. The large pipe is an extension of the casing of your well and contains no water above the ground.

The small pipe is the pipe from your pump.

Another good alternative, especially when the sewer exits through a basement wall, is to break open a smaller section of flooring and install a below-grade sump pit and pump.

If you’d like to see larger and additional mod images, just click on over to the RV mods picture page. There just is no comparing the 2 antennas, the Jack outperforms the bat wing by a huge margin. You can see the write-up we did when we installed it. Porcelain Toilet We removed the plastic Thetford toilet because it was too low, plastic and cheaply made. We installed a new Dometic Sealand toilet that is taller, porcelain, foot flush and has a residential size seat. It can pull air in, blow air out and act like a ceiling fan.

It is very quiet and moves a ton of air. It can even operate when it is raining. If you need ventilation in your RV, get one of these! Read the MaxxFan review. It is great for keeping an eye on our enclosed trailer while traveling down the road as well as for backing up. You can get you one by clicking here.

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Side view of a Sundance travel trailer Isuzu ELF 6th gen, standard-cab-type auto-sleeper style recreational vehicle R Pilote recreational vehicle Articulation point The point where two vehicles are coupled together to allow movement, usually by a ball or fifth wheel hitch. Awning On most newer RVs, the manufacturer includes a roll-out awning. The awning can be either manually operated or it can be operated electrically. Another type of awning used by RVers is a portable pop-up canopy or tent that provides a temporary solution to people who want to be outdoors and enjoy shade.

Very private campground is a unique way to pop-up and a tent / camping and sewer hookup sites, from locations. Rental company based upon knowledge and cable tv hookup. Kalyumet camground, senior adult child labour in tents for all. 65, in del norte between 5 days, coolers in camping tents per pet per site includes one site, dunes nra recreation.

Originally Posted by Badfish Can somebody give me an idea of how utility hookups work? You better get involved with them right from the start to find out if the fee’s for hookup are outrageous or not. And normally you have to pay a hookup fee for the right to use their service. Power fee’s usually don’t have a hookup fee and are based on length of wire run, materials, transformer, etc. Water fee’s generally have a hookup fee which can be a few hundred dollars to thousands, and they will have a meter fee.

Also depending if they stubbed out a line from the main to the curb when the main was first installed there will be a substantial charge to tap the main and run a line to the edge of your property. And there will be a substantial fee if they did not stub out to your property line, this charge can be quite a lot depending on how deep the sewer main is.

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Can you spot them? The water that always sits in the bottom of the P-trap is what prevents sewer gases from coming into the house. With this improper installation, sewer gases have the potential to come back into the dishwasher. The diagram below right shows a proper installation. This is a device that actually mounts above the sink. In some parts of the country, these air gaps are required no matter what.

Re: Septic to Sewer Hookup First you should need a permit from the Public works dept for a sewer tap. They should have a list of qualified companies, usually plumbing contractors, to do the job.

Some require minimal work with minimal materials. Other sewer main installs require lots of excavation and red tape to ensure everything is up to code. While you may not be able to control everything, knowing all cost factors and understanding how each affects the bottom line will surely help you keep your final sewer line replacement price down. Location Like any plumbing project , bigger projects demand bigger pocketbooks. For a sewer main, the distance between your home and the connector line will largely determine how big this project will be.

Longer sewer lines require more materials and more time for installation. Therefore, the longer the sewer line that is needed, the more the project will cost.

Costs associated with water and power hookup?

The snow has melted if you get snow , the birds are chirping, the air is warming, and your thoughts turn to sitting around a campfire with loved ones. What could be better? This step by step guide will help you get your RV ready for the camping season. Exterior Remove any covers that were put on for storage. Re-install any batteries that were removed.

The other essential for a solar-powered RV is a bank of deep cycle need to size the solar array and the battery bank to your anticipated needs. Many solar retailers provide worksheets to help you size your system.

Tweet Sewer Smell — Washing Machine Plumbing Trap Problem Recently a good friend of mine asked me what might be causing his laundry room to have a sewer smell. Obviously this was a serious problem that needed to be corrected immediately. Not only are sewer gasses an unpleasant experience but they can be a safety concern. If you smell sewer gasses in your home you should try and diagnose the problem sooner than later. I started quizzing my friend about any recent changes in their home that might have contributed to the sewer smell.

He asked me if washing machine mold might be causing the smell or some type of dead rodent. I knew there was likely something wrong with the plumbing trap p-trap which was accounting for the sewer gas smell. The culprit ended up being the washing machine hose that was incorrectly installed by the appliance delivery guys. Read on to see what happened! Plumbing P-Traps Plumbing traps p-traps create a trap in the drain pipes which retain a small amount of drain water which in turn creates a water seal to prevent sewer gasses from entering the living space of buildings.

Traps come in several different configurations but they all work the same way by trapping water in the pipe to seal out the sewer gasses.

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Be Your Own Plumber Forget expensive plumbing bills. Modern materials and fixtures have made DIY plumbing a snap. DIY plumbing projects will familiarize you with all three. Photo by Scott Hollis Standardized connectors and flexible water supply hoses make new sink faucets easily to install. Scott Hollis The components of a toilet assembly.

Len Churchill A typical drain assembly includes the following.

Feb 28,  · Sewer dump exit mod After looking at it, I can see how a valve could be opened (or leaks slowly) and essentially fills up the void between it and the physical exit. To the point when you remove the cap you get a shower.

This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Unfortunately, some of the most common plumbing problems stem from badly done DIY plumbing jobs. Usually the solution is for homeowners to take more time learning about the intended repair and be thoroughly prepared before beginning the job. One of the best ways to avoid plumbing disasters is to familiarize yourself with common mistakes. If we had one piece of advice for homeowners, it would be to find the main water shut off before you have a problem.

For any projects, you can simply turn off the water to the fixture you are repairing. When in doubt, turn off the water before beginning a repair. You think the job has gone great, but when you run the dishwasher, you find it is full of water. You forgot to remove the knockout plug and properly hookup the dishwasher to the garbage disposal. Join Dissimilar Metals With the Correct Connector— If two different types of metals touch or are joined by an electrolyte like common tap water, one of the metals will start to corrode.

Why does this happen? When two dissimilar metals are joined, the metal with the higher electrode potential will corrode cause metal with the lower electrode potential to corrode.

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What are they thinking? Probably more reasons but that should be more than enough. I leave the grey tanks open when on full hookups. I always rinse my hoses before storing them. I have a built in tank flusher as well as the clear elbow that you can flush the hose and tanks with. Also, I use hoses that have storage caps on the ends of each section and store the hoses in a water proof container in one of my compartments.

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We should avoid those places and if enough of us do, the owners will be incentivized to correct the defects. RV Staff April 16, at 8: Schake April 16, at 8: I, too, would like to see names and places identified. Keep up the good work! Dennis April 16, at 7:

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Conclusion The Preparations Connecting an RV to a permanent sewer line is easy, all you have to do is set up a piping system. As long as it got a suitable shape, the system will work. In order to do this right, you need to gather a couple of tool and material. Sewer hose adapter, hacksaw, three-inch diameter PVC pipe and rubber hose are the first things you must have which should be available in most hardware stores.

To secure the connections, hose clamp, PVC cement and cement primer and should come in handy.

While our vehicles do have an electrical hookup to connect to your standard RV or home power they do not need a sewer or city water hook up. Base Van / Custom Vans / Options / How to Buy / Photo Gallery / DIY Supplies / Green Building Practices / FAQ / Contact Us / Off Grid Adventure Vans.

January 31, Laura H P Great information! Thanks again for sharing your knowledge. The ones I see are always inside the house usually in a closet, basement, or crawlspace. Dan Odell I agree with Brad However, at my house in upstate New York, the sewer line clean out is inside under the basement stairs. Campskunk thanks, dan and brad — i had the feeling things were different up North. Abert One correction, Mike.

Connecting The Sewer Line To The Septic Tank