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Favilla catalogs Yeah, chitarra battente is a wire strung guitar with origins in the baroque, but still used as a folk instrument. It would be interesting to see one by Favilla. I suspect Favilla supplied a fair number of anonymous instruments to the house-brand market starting in the pre-depression boom, but that’s only suspicion. I have no idea how to recognize them beyond similarity to maker-labeled instruments. Knowing you as a Favilla nut, Mick, I was hoping you’d stumble across this chat. Thought about e-mailing you directly, but didn’t have your e-mail handy and would have to dig for it. I bit on the rib Favilla at Oster’s shop. Fred said he’d be packing it up and shipping it to me by this morning. The piece has some hallmark of being built, not for show, but for a player: The pearl in the scratchplate is engraved “M.

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martin style 0 Is Similar To: Mahogany 40s Vintage Martin s Favilla Ukulele Strings Solid (% similar). Sellers add a free map to your listings. Good luck in bidding free.

Among the four common sizes of ukuleles—soprano, concert, tenor, and baritone—which one is tuned differently? So, where did this variant of the ukulele universe come from? The two names most closely associated with the origin of the baritone uke are Arthur Godfrey and Herk Favilla. Godfrey was an avid musician, radio personality, and early television star of several programs including Arthur Godfrey and His Friends and Arthur Godfrey and His Ukulele.

Herk took over the family business in and continued to build ukuleles, mandolins, banjos, and guitars until he retired in As to which man is the true father of the baritone uke, we must rely on a pair of oft-repeated stories with only a handful of facts to support either one. A baritone by any other name strums just as sweet. Photo by the author. The story goes that Godfrey asked Connors to design a larger-bodied, lower-pitched ukulele.

That first instrument is likely the cutaway baritone Godfrey regularly played on his TV shows, as well as in the movie The Glass Bottom Boat. Primarily a guitar, mandolin, and banjo manufacturer, Vega made three different baritone models:

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It is the ukulele link collection of the world. Pineapple ukulele Etsy Shop for pineapple ukulele on Etsy, the place to express your creativity through the buying and selling of handmade and vintage goods. Beautiful tenor 6 string Kamaka ukulele made with curly koa.

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Stargirl Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli “She was elusive. She was the faintest scent of a cactus flower, the flitting shadow of an elf owl. We did not know what to make of her. In our minds we tried to pin her to corkboard like a butterfly, but the pin merely went through and away she flew. This quick-read is about an eccentric new student in an otherwise typical high school in Arizona. Stargirl carries a rat with her wherever she goes, sings “Happy Birthday” to kids at lunch while strumming her ukulele, decorates her desk with a table cloth and a flower in a vase, and performs random acts of kindness for people, whether she knows them or not.

Here are my favorite parts of the book: She was the Johnny Appleseed of loose change:

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United States General delivery information available from the auctioneer We do not have in-house auction shipping or packing facilities. Please contact one of the shippers listed below, or a shipper of your choice, for an auction shipping quote prior to bidding. They will need the lot number, short description, approximate selling price and your shipping address.

Ukulele varieties include hybrid instruments such as the guitalele (also called guitarlele), banjo ukulele (also called banjolele), harp ukulele, and lap steel ukulele. There is an electrically amplified version, the electric ukulele.

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If you can’t see a menu bar here, then allow blocked content! Ukulele history The ukulele isn’t a native or ancient instrument: The largest wave of Portuguese immigration lasted about 30 years, and 11, Portuguese immigrants would arrive in its first decade. These instruments are all in a family of small guitar-like instruments dating from the 18th century.

The web’s largest inventory of 4-string tenor and plectrum banjos for sale, new and used.

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I am cuddly in size. Builders of fine stringed instruments for four generations The words may not be Enjoy. One point of confusion I would like to clear up is that some early model approx.

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See more at this website: Historic mid s soprano ukulele. Handmade with Koa wood in Hawaii. Features the Kamaka gold label inside the sound hole and the patented”KK” label on the headstock. Original Case with green felt in good condition. Case hinges are attached and work. This looks like it just left the factory. The topside is in excellent condition. And the back shows just a little belt-buckle rash. This uke is like mint on top! This could easily be reglued by just about anyone with minor skills.

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Ukulele Picture Gallery Two ukuleles from the ‘s: The one on top is a plywood Harmony uke and the one on the bottom is a Mauna Loa, an inexpensive line made by Lyon and Healy. Both of these have wooden tuning pegs which mostly were not used after the late twenties. The Mauna Loa is made out of nissa wood which was not used by any other company than Lyon and Healy as far as I know.

“A circa Marca Aquila ukulele. Note the brass friction pegs (the holes are lined with brass sleeves, and the brass posts are pushed in and held with friction).” NEWS: Our friend Tom Favilla has generously offered to field questions or comments regarding Favilla instruments.

Invece, la chimica fra i due a quanto pare funziona. Cominciano a circolare languide composizioni in battuta piuttosto lenta e dilatata, devote a una idea di italo disco d’altri tempi, e si attende un 12” ad aprile sulla bollente label Hell Yeah. Vennero un sacco di band interessanti e rischiose per un club come il Maffia, che ai tempi viveva il suo periodo d’oro. Spesso mi capitava di andare a lavorare alla porta il sabato sera. Quello era il luogo in cui parlavo di musica con Rocca, uno che ha una cultura musicale incredibile.

La dance raccontata da lui ha sempre esercitato un grosso fascino su di me. Come sono stati concretamente i primi giorni di prove? Un appuntamento fisso ogni settimana. Un bel po’ di ascolti e di chiacchere ed un’ora di registrazioni al giorno. Anche una drum machine TR ed uno Space Echo.

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Given its portability and the remembered childhood popularity they also often learned to play them and when they came home after the war this led to the second wave of popularity for the Ukulele, but not in Europe as they were less involved in the Pacific war. With the rise in popularity and the rise in far eastern manufacture this meant there was a business opportunity for a lot of small companies either making, or more often importing and distributing Ukuleles.

Some of these companies didn’t last long and often there is not a lot of information on them beyond names on the headstocks. Jeni-Frank This is another of the fairly mysterious brands.

One ukulele which originally sold for $35 to $50 in recent years just went for $ This was an exceptionally fine instrument, most bring about one third that price. Many people confuse the points of collectability and playability.

This looks like it just left the factory. The topside is in excellent condition. And the back shows just a little belt-buckle rash. This uke is like mint on top! This could easily be reglued by just about anyone with minor skills. For example, when I squeeze the loose edge together, it matches perfectly. It will need the dried glue scraped off, then regluing and gentle clamping.

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If this item contains incorrect or inappropriate information please contact us here to flag it for review. This guitar was built in the USA, probably in the ‘s or possibly the late ‘s. The Favilla company was located in New York and built several models of guitars, mandolins, and ukuleles. For more information on the history of the company check out the following link. The neck meets the body at about the 12th fret and t are 18 frets in total.

This little guitar has a sweet tone. It is warm and full but it still has definition and attack, the kind of tone that only comes with an aged piece of solid spruce. The action on this neck is OK. T is a little too much relief forward bow in the neck, and it is not adjustable. That being said the guitar still plays fine.

Uke’n Talk (Ukulele Jay) Episode 4 Vintage Ukulele – Favilla Soprano