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It is designed to empower economically poor and marginalised communities in Malawi, Mozambique, and Zambia with development information to facilitate effective participation in development processes. Through this project, PSAf is working to build the capacity of community radio stations to develop content by working with radio listening clubs and by interfacing with community members. It also seeks to facilitate networking and community development information sharing among community radio stations and initiatives both at national and regional levels. In April , PSAf conducted a project sensitisation and Training of Trainers ToT workshop for the six radio stations in Lilongwe to set the stage for the roll-out of the project in the target communities. According to PSAf, RLCs are an effective communication tool to magnify the voices of the marginalised, especially when the listeners participate actively in the whole process, raise issues, discuss them, explore options, and seek external support. Through the RLCs, communities can raise awareness of the development issues affecting their communities and debate them. As a group they then explore options for solutions and ask questions that can influence policy or development planning, or enhance their understanding of certain issues. These issues are brought to the attention of relevant audiences, and the stations follow up with service or resource providers on any development initiative they have been promised. In this way, the voices of such remote communities are brought to the ears or the government, policy, and development planners. The three countries were chosen because it was identified that people in rural areas in these countries were not being accorded the opportunity to speak out on issues that affect them, such as child marriage, child trafficking, and drug abuse.

When will it end? | Another gay online dating attack in Pretoria

Behind the closed eyes she could see the endless darkness in which she had spun from. Her whole side was prickly. She could feel the sticky, cold fluid on her fingers when she touched. She flinched from the pain that shot up with every investigation her small fingers carried out.

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Facebook Messenger Another person has fallen victim to a Pretoria gang targeting gay men through dating apps and websites. The year-old man, who we have named Paul, has asked to not be identified. He recently recounted his harrowing experience to Mambaonline. They agreed to meet and Paul drove to a house in Lynnwood, Pretoria. He went into the house and met with a something male, who he assumed to be Martin.

Paul was shocked, however, when four other men wearing hoodies unexpectedly walked into the room and threatened him with a gun. Matters then escalated when the individuals forced him into a vehicle parked outside at gunpoint and drove him to an apartment block in Sunnyside. Terrified, he was taken to a flat on the 6th floor, in which a number of people appeared to be living, including a woman and children.

He was ordered into a dark room and forced to undress.

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Questions of visibility and identity: Retrieved Nov 26 from https: Most notable amongst these shifts, from a perspective of the advancement of queer see below rights, was the change in policy regarding sexuality and sexual orientation. The period between and was marked by dramatic legal moves from the legally-entrenched curtailing of the rights of queers to constitutional protection on the basis of one’s orientation and a flourish of increased social visibility for queer people Reddy The struggle against the pre state-enforced criminalisation same-sex-sexual-conduct formed a part of a broad context of a struggle for political liberation Reddy As a contributing force behind queer visibility the first Lesbian and Gay Pride March in set a primary goal of challenging the media to ‘present images of homosexuality in responsible and appropriate ways that counter the dominant negative myths’ de Waal and Manion However, authors continually stress the importance of recognising the diversity of sexual identities within South Africa Isaacs and McKendrick , Gevisser and Cameron , Hoad et al in an effort to escape the western-influenced transnationalisation of gay identity Hoad The slow increase in mainstream media visibility and the continued development of a print including Exit and Gay Pages and online including GaySpeak, MambaOnline, The Pink Eye, The Pink Tongue, Queer Life, and Behind the Mask queer press has helped achieve a wider appreciation for sexual diversity in the country.

Whether these media representations are ‘responsible and appropriate’, however, is partly the focus of this paper. Contemporary understandings of sexuality are subject to, and the results of, systems of social and economic commodification and commercialisation Sigusch Recognising the continuing role that the media have in ‘educating us how to behave and what to think, feel, believe, fear, and desire’ Kellner Throughout this paper I use the term ‘queer’ to refer to all those identities that fall into a spectrum of sexual variance from the heterosexual norm.

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Facebook Messenger A man has fallen to his death in Pretoria, possibly killed by the same gang that has been targeting gay men through online dating sites and apps. On Monday, a year-old man was reportedly pushed from the seventh floor of a flat adjacent to the Tambotie apartment block in Sunnyside, east of Pretoria. Police believe that the deceased and a friend who had accompanied him were lured to the flat through an online advert for the sale of a high-end camera.

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Login or register to post comments Launched in , Farmer Voice Radio FVR is designed to be an agricultural extension service that links extension officers and farmers through radio and other information and communication technologies to enhance farmer productivity and prosperity and eliminate the need to reach every farmer in person. The radio extension programming is centred on short-format radio broadcasts, such as AgTips, which radios stations can broadcast repeatedly to reinforce learning.

The project was developed based on the idea that radio and related technologies offer a powerful, cost-effective alternative for delivering agricultural information. FVR gives small farmers access to current information, useful resources, and new farming techniques to help them improve their productivity, livelihoods, and well-being over the long-term.

The format is centred on the AgTips short and “catchy” radio spots focused on a particular topic that are broadcast a number of times during appropriate seasons. Varied programme formats, in which messages are expanded and reinforced, provide another means of increasing exposure to agricultural information.

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I can has update? Well, we’ve been stalking and stumbling and slithering through cyberspace to canvas every dyke we can find to ask for submissions for the zine. We’ve had quite a few occasions of people responding but who are you?

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