Best Performances on “So You Think You Can Dance”

The Top 11 are reunited with the all stars for a piece, choreographed by Christopher Scott of LXD, that highlights the strengths of all the dancers. Even Alex is there, sitting as he recovers from his injury, but dancing. Seven people have squeezed behind the judges’ table tonight: Each of them choose their favorite routine of the season for the dancers to perform. Kenny wisely chooses Neil and Kent’s baseball-themed Broadway routine, choreographed by Tyce. Nigel picks Stacey Tookey’s contemporary routine, featuring Billy and Ade, about a homeless person and a businessman. Definitely one of the best!

Lauren Froderman’s strong-body secrets

Some of those scenes from the season recap that they showed at the beginning of last night’s show — like Alex’s injury — seemed like they just happened. This dance was a lot of fun, really high energy and Kent definitely delivered. He really camped it up, which was appropriate here. But what I felt was lacking was his styling.

One of the favorite TV shows around our house each summer is “SO You Think You Can Dance.” At first glance it’s kinda cheesy, a dance-off, with contestants voted-off-the-island every week. But with a closer look the show features some of America’s most fabulous young .

It was no easy task, but we managed to pare our list down to 10 of the best numbers from Season 7. This super fun number made us want to bedazzle our Chuck Taylors and dance. This was our first taste that Robert would be real competition this season. Just in case you forgot why Mia was nominated for two Emmys, she reminded you with this number. Seriously, could there be any other at number one?

How did that feel? Where did this serious Kent come from?

Lauren Froderman

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Lauren Froderman’s birth name is Lauren Rose Froderman. already exists as an alternate of this question. Would you like to make it the primary and merge this question into it?

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People Staff August 13, But there was no denying that Froderman stole the show. And Mia Michaels couldn t have agreed more. Those three were the three to be in the finale, but I think America got it right for sure, she said. Michaels, who has been on team Boyd for weeks, said it was Froderman s ability to dominate every routine she was given that made her a champion. When it came down to the two of them standing there on stage I was rooting for Lauren, she said.

Aug 12,  · So, first on: a Nakul Dev Mahajan Bollywood routine for Kent and Lauren (the all-star Lauren). This dance was a lot of fun, really high energy and Kent definitely delivered. He really camped it .

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SYTYCD Winners: Where Are They Now?

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You may know him by his stage name, Fik-Shun, or you may know him by his real name, Du-Shaunt Stegall. Or you may know this So You Think You Can Dance victor for his amazing hip-hop dance .

Week 5 I thought I was going to be too depressed over Alex’s injury to watch this week, but once the show got going and there was some good dancing and great choreography, I felt better. I love how they had a little update on Alex from his post-operation hospital bed though. Has any dancer on this show ever been more beloved? My favorites this week were Billy who nailed both of his dances in my opinion , Adechike particularly in his second dance , and Lauren.

First, we learn Ashley has rib soreness and possibly a rib injury. So, she’ll be in the bottom three this week, and will suffer same fate as Alex if she can’t return next week. People have remarked on the number of injuries this season, and it does seem like there have been a lot, ranging from minor to major. This is a dancer’s life unfortunately. Dancers will disappear all the time from my local company’s performance roster, and then you’ll see them in the audience hobbling on crutches, and find out they’re not returning until next season.

It’s so sad, especially when they’ve been all excited about a big role.

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So You Think You Can Dance Season 15 episode 14 airs tonight from 8 PM – 10 PM and you don’t want to miss the end of the season. While you wait for your the So You Think You Can Dance recap make sure to check out all CDL’s SYTYCD recaps, spoilers, news & more.

Despite whom America votes their favorite dancer, I always have a favorite of my own. In season 7 , my favorite two dancers were Kent Boyd and Lauren Froderman. They were both 18 years old, and had just graduated high school. This dance definitely won over the hearts of Americans everywhere- Kent and Lauren were the top two dancers at the end of the show!

Lauren was named champion and Kent, runner-up. Watch the dance and see why so many people loved it!! Collide This dance was choreographed by Travis Wall, a former contestant on the show and the youngest and most talented, in my opinion choreographers. The three dancers involved in this dance had a lot in common: However, when working together, they were able to produce a dance with a sincere, relatable message.

They had both been to prom only a few months prior to the show, they were in a transition period in their lives when the nature of friendships and relations change. The technical steps are not of impressively high difficulty- the beauty of the dance lies in the truth of it. She was in Los Angeles for a cheerleading competition, and thought it would be fun to audition for the show. The judges loved her immediately!


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I hope he makes it to the finale. The night got off to a sexy start: Is it me, or is there a surplus of kissing this season? However, when Kent was actually supposed to cha-cha and not just play a character, his moves looked a little stiff to me. Mia and guest judge Toni Redpath felt similarly, saying they wished Kent had a little bit more flow and manliness onstage.

Mia also chided Kent for getting too Kent-y with his face. Next, Robert danced a contemporary routine with Kathryn choreographed by Stacey Tookey about a soldier going off to war. The dance had a lot of wonderful little details, like an especially desperate hand-grasp, but I think Kathryn hands-down was the star of the performance. I expected bigger, heavier moves than we got and I loved the quiet, sly steps the dance employed and enjoyed seeing Comfort in a gentler, more seductive role.

Jose was nursing a groin injury. Finally we got a girl-girl dance this season, as Lauren and Allison danced a Tyce Diorio Broadway routine. Billy played a homeless man in a contemporary routine by Stacey Tookey, as Ade played a well-to-do gentleman who encounters him on the street. The setup sounded a little trite to me before I saw the dance but it was just amazing.

SYTYCD 7: America’s Favorite Dancer Is…

The stunning choreography and dancing have always impressed. And there have clearly always been some gay male dancers to root for, even if no dancer has ever been expressly out while on the show. A lot of the choreographed pieces are eroticized duets.

Lauren Froderman is the winner of the 7th season of SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE. She has danced with the Radio City Rockette’s, Big Time Rush, Blake McGrath, and others. Lauren is the first dance athlete for Gatorade and the female dance athlete for the G Series Fit line.

Lauren and Kent Poor Kent seemed to have a large, one-sided crush on Lauren, who is now apparently dating Dominic as of the Season 7 tour. I believe Hok and Lacey also dated for a time, adding to the several Real Life Romance on the Set examples that have occurred the two reportedly began dating on tour. Allison and Twitch are married now. Mellanie and Marko prompted this when they were partners for the Top portion of Season 8, especially after a dramatic kiss during a Nappy Tabs routine set to “I Got You”.

It helps that they were both individually talented and popular enough to be in the finale. Eventually Mellanie pointed out she had a boyfriend. Everybody, judges, choreographers, dancers, and Cat, were all shipping for Season 11’s Rudy and Jacque.

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Afro-Jazz with Lauren and Adechike (Sean Cheesman Choreography SYTYCD USA) / Lauren and AdeChike – Dancers Sean Cheesman – Choreographer So You Think You Can Dance .

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Kent Boyd Homecoming in Botkins Part 8: Kent Talks about Rumors of Dating Lauren